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Dollbun’s 1,500+ follower Super Kawaii Giant Giveaway!!!

Hi guys! I just hit 1,500 followers which is fantastic <333 Hehehe! I decided to celebrate with a pretty large giveaway!

Prizes! :

 ♥Dolly Wink Lashes! ( You can choose what set you would like!)

♥Any wig from GothicLolitaWigs that is under $50( You can also get other things besides wigs but it needs to be at or under $50.)

♥Any color/size Seifuku from Bodyline (That is available.)

♥Black Tea Party shoes ~ Size 6. (Sorry I bought them and they were a half size to big for me so that is why the specific size ♥)

♥ A copy of the movie’s ” My Neighbor Totoro” & “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

♥A small sized arpakasso in light pink!

♥Milklim’s cotton-candy sweater ~ Mint, Medium.

♥ Bonus: If you live in the U.S. then you will receive a extra bag of goodies consisting of: Japanese Candies, Cute kitty coin purse, and a pair of pink Lolita carousel thigh highs!) 

Rules :

Reblog as much as you want, just please don’t spam ( ; w ; )

Must be following me! Sense this is a giveaway for my sweet followers! ( I will be checking )

Likes don’t count, but you may like the post for reference if needed.

No giveaway blogs!!!!! ( I will be checking )

I will pick a winner on December 3rd! ♥

I will announce the winner publicly (So that people know this isn’t a fakey!) But you will still need to have an open ask so I can personally inform you, and discuss the sizing, and get your address.

If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, then I will have to pick another!

International shipping ! Though if you live in the U,S, then you will receive a extra bag of goodies!

Must be 18 or older or have permission to give me your address♥

Extra Information!:

♥ I will be using “The Hat” generator to pick the winner

♥The pictures I used are not mine!!!!




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Hardest decision ever.



Caaats! P.S. I’ve spent like 6 hours making these instead of working.



preparing for fall i guess

a remake of this!!


yeah just a psa to all the animal crossers out there that there is an extremely low chance of getting a villager to move to your town from someone else’s campsite

you can try, and if you’re very lucky it might work, but don’t let any convince you to pay a ton of bells to take that…

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10$ commission of Beau from Animal Crossing


It’s a giveaway! I really love balloons so I’ve been collecting them for a while. I’ve been real fortunate to have been able to streetpass as much as I have, so I got extra balloons to give out to you guys.

Now let me get to rules and those fun things.

Balloon Giveaway: there will be three winners. Each winner will receive either a full bunny, heart, or regular balloon set. First prize winner will get to choose which set they would like first, second will choose from the remaining, and third will have the set that is left.

  • You are allowed to like, reblog, and reply. That’s a total of 3 entries. You are allowed to reblog more than once, but I’ve noticed in the past that multiple reblogs don’t show up in the notes so I won’t be able to count it as an extra entry.
  • You must own a 3DS and have a copy of ACNL, as this is an in game giveaway
  • You must be comfortable giving me your friend code.
  • Please make sure your ask box is enabled so I can contact you if you win. If your ask box isn’t enabled, I’ll choose another winner.

Deadline to enter is Saturday, September 7th at 12:00am PST!


how many followers do you need before someone randomly draws you


Get out of my face if you don’t think dolphin villagers would be the cutest shit ever

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Reblog this if you post 99% ACNL


Hello, fellow crossers. I, Mayor Dana, am still on an epic quest to follow EVERY New Leaf blogger in existence. I can’t do this without YOUR HELP. Who’s with me?! *raises fist dramatically*

Reblog if your an animal crossing blog


I want to follow ALL of the animal crossing lovers and I want to be friends with all of them

//It will not annoy me at all if you send an ask twice to make sure that it gets through to me! Not at all!! I’d rather have two and delete one than not get your message.


animal crossing

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